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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Open Source Mormonism (OSM)

According to the website, Yoism is the world's first Open Source Religion.

With the subtext: "building heaven on earth", a theme song: "Democracy" by Leonard Cohen, and a YoAd (think MormonAd for Gen-Y) titled: "Think for Yourself"...with the imagery of human evolution and the message:
  • Think for yourself
  • Question authority
  • Think with your friends
  • Create
  • Create new realities
  • Philosophy is a team sport
You have to wonder what Open Source Mormonism (OSM) would look like. Kind of like Open Source Microsoft?

But still, it's worth considering...and technically, many Mormons follow the Open Source model anyway...things like:
  • "WoW teaches the South Beach Diet"
  • "War on Terror is God's way of softening-up the Arab world for the Gospel"
  • "Hot caffeine bad...cold caffeine yummy"
  • "A national title for BYU proves the Church is true"
  • "etc..."
Well, we might as well get people organized about it...

...in fact, I think People of Ammon could be the world's first Open Source Mormonism (OSM) project. Yeah....

Hold that thought.


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