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Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Kernel Project

Just as Linux is an Open Source kernel project based on the Unix kernel, and GNU is a federation of such projects based on the Unix operating system...

Editor's Note: Notice how the first Open Source Software projects were based on a powerful, monolithic, but proprietary standard?

...People of Ammon is a project based on the official doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I had not planned to make this point until I could elaborate, but I have always been impressed with the Book of Mormon's story of the Sons of Mosiah, and how it blossoms into the story of the People of Ammon (aka Anti Nephi Lehies, Ammonites, People of God, etc). I have an affinity for that story that I don't fully understand.

It always seemed to me that, while the visitation of Christ was the high event, the story of the People of Ammon was the heart of the book...that all the events preceding, concurrent with, and leading from this story where like a vessel or framework for the message of the People of Ammon...and that the visitation of Christ was the seal of godliness upon it.

I see the story of the People of Ammon, born from the union of a people's darkest shadows and brightest visions, as a kernel within our own hearts...a non-proprietary kernel.

This Open Source Mormonism project is about finding that kernel in our own hearts; protecting, nourishing, and sharing it. Allowing it to re-create our minds, bodies, and the world.


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